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TP Debugger Studio (1-5 users) + source

Scripted Operator for Thinking Particles for 3dsmax which helps you to visualize particle data in real-time


  • Maxscript source included
  • Visualize values directly on particles from particle input: PID, Group, Position, Velocity, Age, LifeSpan, Size, Scale, Alignment, Mass, Spin, Randomseed, UniqueID, MtlTime, Transform
  • Visualize conditions from particle input: IsAlive, IsBorn, IsDie, IsEnterGroup
  • HUD Display for visualization data in upper viewport corner
  • Visualization of custom Condition
  • Visualization of custom inputs: Integer, Scalar, Vector, Velocity, Direction, Bool, Color, Particle*
  • Visualize Velocity and Direction input as lines
  • Visualize Particle* input as lines and show distance, usefull for visualization of Joints, Refferences or PSearch particles
  • Visualize Colors as filled rectangles
  • Show Min Max and Average values of particles in HUD Display
  • Show First Last and Count of particles in HUD Display
  • Custom color and text description of visualized values
  • Custom particle and condition markers
  • Show text with black outlines to improve readability
  • turning off all operators at once or solo one operator
  • auto disabling TP Debugger when exceed particle limit to prevent system slowdown
  • stacking more TP Debuggers on each particle

Difference between Freelance and Studio version is that Freelance version is only for 1 user and Studio is for 1-5 users and also Studio version includes maxscript source code so it can be modified to studio needs.

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Drag and drop TPDebugger.mzp into 3dsmax viewport and it will be automatically extracted to custom user startup scripts folder. After reopening 3dsmax it will be loaded automatically.

Help the development:

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3ds Max (2012 and above), Thinking Particles 5 and above


v.1.00 - initial version


TP Debugger Studio (1-5 users) + source

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